Marty Morris
7500 South Meridian Rd.
Lovelock, NV 89419


To whom it may concern: 

The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend Sam Whiteside as a real estate agent.

This fall my mother passed away and we wanted to sell her residence in the Gardnerville area. We knew very little about the real estate market there, since we live in Lovelock. We interviewed several real estate agents about listing the home and met Sam during that process. Sam's thorough knowledge of real estate in the area, years of experience and energetic personality made him an easy selection over the competition.

He gave us an education of the local market conditions and showed us comparable properties prior to listing the house. He was very confident about the price range where the house would sell. When our transaction concluded he was right on the money, further confirming his knowledge of the market conditions.

Sam worked the listing by using a car radio frequency, at the house to provide information to drive-by prospective buyers. He placed the listing on the internet, did mailings to other agents in the area and advertised it locally. He also showed the home himself to any interested prospective buyers.

Throughout the process of price negotiation, inspections and repairs, Sam was extremely informative. He explained both sides of the issues and was an excellent communicator during both the showing and sales process. He obtained a repairman to bring the house into compliance with the inspector's report and he monitored the progress of the repairs since we were not in the area. He was always asking if we needed help when we were closing down the house itself.

To us, Sam's most important attributes is his complete honesty and openness. He tells things like they are and you always know the situation. He doesn't play the games which are so common within the real estate profession.

I would highly recommend Sam for either a listing agent or a buyer's agent. He is a man with both oars in the water and is able to watch the compass at the same time. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about his competency.


Marty K. Morris